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Breakout session 1
Personalising the Learning Experience-Kevin McLaughlin (Main room)

Personalising Learning can be an incredibly effective teaching and learning strategy as long as it is planned for. This not only includes a good understanding of the individual needs of the students in your class but also a willingness to rethink your classroom organisation. Discover how you can adapt your planning to provide personalised learning opportunities for your class. Kevin has used these methods effectively with his own classes and will help you do the same with yours.

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Game on! - James Langley (Balcony) - Note session fully booked, please select an alternative breakout 

In this session James will be outlining the 3 main elements of games based learning, 'Skills Practise', 'Game Planning and Design' and the 'Effective use of, and planning with COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) games'. There will be the opportunity to have hands-on time with these games and James will outline how these games have been used effectively to engage children with learning in primary schools across Bradford.

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An introduction to the Raspberry Pi - Pete Dring - Computing at Schools - (Seminar 1)

The Raspberry Pi is a bare-bones, low-cost computer the size of a credit-card designed to help teach children to code as mentioned in Michael Gove’s 2012 BETT speech as ‘a great example of the cutting edge of education technology happening right here in the UK’. This session will discuss how the device can be effectively used in schools to support the delivery of programming as outlined in the latest draft National Curriculum documents from DfE.

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The Other tablets - Tim Bleazard (Seminar 2)

There are other tablets besides the Apple ones you know. Find out about the tablets running Google's operating system known as Android. Discover how the apps available can be used to impact upon your curriculum. We'll look at the devices available, the cost, their management, the limitations and even some of the advantages over their rivals.

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Breakout session 2

Data security in schools – Richard Cook (Room 1)

The ICO recently released a document entitled ‘Report on the data protection guidance we gave schools in 2012’ available here. The document highlights how the ICO helped several schools earlier in 2012 to comply with data protection rules and highlights the findings of that work. This session will highlight and discuss some of the main findings of the report and the implications for schools.

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Developing Pupil Digital Leaders – Chris Mayoh & Vicki Cox (Balcony) - Note session fully booked, please select an alternative

This session will explain how to implement a Digital Leaders project in your school. Students and teachers from primary and secondary schools will be sharing how they have introduced the project as a key tool in empowering children within school to develop the use of third millennium learning technologies, knowledge of eSafeguarding and support fellow pupils and members of staff to improve their use of new technologies across the curriculum.

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Ensuring curriculum and technical teams share a strategic vision – Robert Bashforth, Mark Ellis & Harshad Taylor (Main Room)

This workshop will attempt to bridge what can sometimes be a perceived gap between School Leadership and Network Managers/Technicians in terms of how they may see their priorities, and focus on the key role that both sides play in responding to the needs of school stakeholders and providing cutting-edge technologies and pedagogies in flexible and cost-effective ways. Two experienced school leaders will focus on some of the practicalities of this that they have encountered in their own unique school settings including aligning all stakeholders around a shared school vision, triangulating school development priorities with procurement plans and CPD provision and developing communities of practice to spread school innovation.

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Why you should risk your career to raise achievement/improve learner outcomes? - Simon Finch (Seminar 2)

This session will look at how teachers can take control of their own professional development and improve learner outcomes through the effective use of social media.

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Breakout session 3

Deploying and managing iPads across the whole school – Mark Ellis and MCC (Main room)

Samuel Lister Academy recently launched an iPad project across all year groups in their school. This session will focus on the school’s journey from a technical perspective focusing on wireless infrastructure, configuring and managing devices, app deployment and the need to be aware of the ‘hidden costs’ of delivering a whole school iPad project

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Creating Apps with Appshed Academy (Primary and Secondary) - Steve Dale (Balcony)

This is a hands on session that will teach you how to create Web Apps for all Smartphones. It is suitable for both primary and secondary colleagues. AppShed Academy is a versatile and comprehensive online tool to facilitate pupil development of apps in education. Intuitive, step-by-step learning allows teachers to include app development in the ICT curriculum without the need for an in-depth understanding of the app creation process. This exciting technology allows pupils to express their creativity through a powerful app building tool which can be tied in with school projects and assignments.

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Raising standards in writing through Media Literacy – Sarah Mumford, Chris Mayoh, Tim Bleazard (Seminar 1)

The National Media Museum, Bradford Council and the British Film Institute (BFI) have teamed up to deliver a CPD programme with Consultants and Primary Teachers to embed teaching about film into the primary classroom as a means of improving achievement in writing. Bradford has UNESCO City of Film status and has made a decision to focus on encouraging film literacy in the classroom as an exciting and enticing tool for enhancing pupil's learning. Find out about our work with schools across the authority and the impact it's had on achievement in the classroom. We'll even get chance to watch some short films created by children. Tim and Chris will be joined by Sarah Mumford, formally the education officer for the National Media Museum and now the Development Director for North and West Yorkshire for Cape UK.

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Tips from the coalface (Sharing 3rd millennium best practice through partnership working )– Greengates and Thackley Primary Schools (Seminar 2)

Andy and Nicola will share their schools 3rd Millennium learning journeys from the last two years – including, infrastructure, collaboration, web 2.0 tools, handheld learning, engaging staff and avoiding everyday school pitfalls. An insightful presentation into moving your school forward with the times!

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