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About the Curriculum Innovation Service

The Curriculum Innovation Service is a fully traded team within Bradford Council’s Children's Services. The service comprises the Innovation Centre Bradford (TICB), the Curriculum Innovation Team (CIT) and the Bradford Learning Network (BLN) bringing together the experience and expertise of educationalists, consultants, technologists and media professionals to consult on a wide range of projects and initiatives. We work in close partnership with schools, communities and local businesses as well as a range of regional and national organisations.

We are passionate about the safe, responsible and effective use of technologies to encourage lifelong learning and develop pedagogies in education and the local community. Our desire is to build strong relationships with a variety of partners through the creation and delivery of innovative bespoke solutions focusing on good communication and customer satisfaction. We are highly passionate about education and developing new ways of working to raise attainment and so improve the life and work chances of all young people.

We offer a range of provision including:

Creating appropriate schemes of work to meet the needs of the new ‘Computing Curriculum’.

Developing and modelling 3rd millennium learning pedagogies to raise attainment across the curriculum.

Presenting a range of bespoke courses, events, qualifications and conferences.

Building sustainable communities of practice through effective partnerships.

Delivering research and development projects utilising new and emerging technologies.

Advice and guidance with regard to the secure, safe and responsible use of mobile technologies (specifically iPads).

A procurement service sharing impartial advice and guidance on identifying, purchasing, deploying and managing appropriate technologies to meet your organisation’s needs.

Access to state-of-the-art conferencing / training facilities and new and emerging technologies.

Printing services including banners and security laser etching of hardware.

Providing access to secure, robust and fast internet connectivity.

The centre is a flexible working space that can service the needs of schools, the community and local businesses. We are proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation and would welcome the opportunity to discuss, design and deliver a solution to meet your organisation’s needs.

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