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The Curriculum Innovation team works in partnership with schools developing the use of innovative learning technologies across the whole school. As well as the subscription package meetings and planned CPD sessions already outlined (and available through this website) we offer staff meetings, twilights, half day and full day in school consultancy, etc. on demand. These sessions can be purchased separately or through subscription packages already outlined.

The provision below represents some of the more popular sessions we provide. If you would like to request further information around one of these sessions or request some other form of provision please contact Sarah Hawkins - or complete this form.

Blogging: Blogs are quick and relatively easy to maintain and provide a worldwide audience for your school and pupils to share their thoughts. There are many case studies from schools highlighting the impact blogging has had on attainment in writing. We can create and manage a blog for you and also provide an introductory session to blogging including initial install, managing users, creating posts and managing comments. We can also provide more in-depth sessions providing opportunities for staff to create blogs and examine how blogs can be used effectively to raise attainment across the school.

Podcasting: Podcasting allows pupils to record audio recordings and publish them to a worldwide audience. This is powerful way to increase speaking and listening skills as well as developing writing. We can provide a short introductory session to podcasting using software such as Podium, Audacity or Audioboo or a more in depth session with opportunities for staff to create podcasts and further explore how they can be used effectively to raise attainment.

Photo Story 3: This classic piece of free software is still widely used to create wonderful presentations simply combining images and audio to demonstrate learning across the whole curriculum. We can provide a short introductory session using free software downloaded from the Microsoft website where staff produce their own Photo Story 3 project or a more in depth session exploring how the resource can be used effectively to raise attainment across all areas of the curriculum and particularly Literacy.

(e)Safeguarding for staff: Sessions delivered can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. Sessions include focusing on the benefits and potential issues of using a variety of communication technologies, web based resources and mobile devices in school. Issues covered include, cyberbullying, data security, access to inappropriate content, fraping, sexting, location based settings, safe and appropriate use of social media, terms and conditions of online resources, copyright and developing Acceptable Use Policies for pupils and staff.

(e)Safeguarding for parents: Sessions delivered can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your parents. The delivery of these sessions can be during or after school and is very different from the (e)Safeguarding session delivered to staff as it focuses on (e)Safeguarding for parents and pupils in the home and on mobile / gaming devices. Areas covered include safe and responsible use of social media, online shopping and banking, downloading and copyright, use of webcams and digital images, safely browsing the web, data security on your home PC, phishing, location based settings, identity theft and other online scams.

The Digital Creative Curriculum: These sessions demonstrate how technology can be embedded effectively across the curriculum to raise attainment and are custom built to the needs of your school. Schools can identify the area of school improvement or curriculum area they wish to enhance / improve and we will work with them to identify appropriate technologies and pedagogies to achieve this. Alternatively schools can identify the technologies they wish to make use of and we can provide advice and support to use them effectively across the curriculum.

Mobile Learning: One of the biggest technological investments in schools at the moment is in mobile devices and particularly tablets (iPads and other devices). However, there are many questions that need addressing before you invest in a specific technology. They include, what are you aiming to achieve with your investment? What technology is most suitable to achieve this? What is your present network / WiFi infrastructure and does this need upgrading? How will you deploy and manage these devices and the content on them? How will you purchase content? How will staff and pupils use them in school and what pedagogical changes do you expect? What are the CPD needs of staff and pupils to achieve this? What are the (e)Safeguarding issues involved and how will you address these? How sustainable is your investment? Our team is very experienced in dealing with all these questions and we can provide the necessary training and consultancy to ensure your investment is cost effective and meets your needs.

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