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TASTER :Animation for Primary or Secondary Schools

An introduction to Animation within your chosen curriculum area.

TASTER Creating digital music

This half day session allows children to work in pairs to create a piece of music using a range of software appropriate to the age, ability and experience of the children.

TASTER Game creation using 2 DIY

 Children will use the 2DIY resource from 2Simple to create their own interactive flash resources such as simple games, puzzles and quizzes. The children can create cross-curricular, personalised resources and use them on whiteboards, websites and even embed them on a blog or learning platform. All resources created by the children will be stored online so that they can be downloaded and used or developed further in school.

Taster Lego Robot Build and Go

The Lego activity will involve learning how to programme the robot and then working in groups to build a construction on it that will carry an object around a course set in the classroom. Each group will produce a publisher report on what they did including photographs. 

4 results - showing 1 - 4
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